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Here's who we picked for our 

Christmas 2019 Makers Market for you!


Townsville Makers!


SHE’S IN!!! We couldn’t quite make it happen last time, but this time, @avahlou is 100% LOCKED IN!! Fresh from #finderskeepersmarket Rachel is bringing all of her beautiful designs with her, her classics you all know & love, plus all of of her newbies!!! How’s THAT ladies, start saving your pennies, especially all of you Avahlou fans, we know there’s lots of you!! We’re SO EXCITED!! 

THIS IS NO OOPSY... this is GREAT NEWS!!! The lovely Katie from @theoopsydaisyco is coming up from Townsville to join us at our November 16th #makinwhoopeemakersmarket and bringing her beautiful creations just for you! Stationery, homewares, gift cards, keyrings and SO MUCH MORE, all featuring her gorgeous designs!


 @brydiealicehandmade is coming again with her beautiful handmade clothing, in the most divine fabrics! She’s under the pump to get everything made in time, but we know that whatever she brings will be gorgeous!! 


EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE... our ever popular Whoopee Supplier @rhicreations_by_rhi is making the trek up from Townsville to join us at the Markets again! She is a constant best seller in the shop, and we know she has a LOT of fans in Cairns, so peeps, get ready, she’s bringing the goods back to Cairns in November!!
FANTASY... GEEKDOM, FANDOM, QUIRK and more from the super talented @ashleighjaneart is rejoining us at the Markets! An Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Ashleigh will have a range of her prints, pins & more with her in November! Another of the super talented Townsville crew coming for Market!

Cairns and Surrounds Makers!

Now we have been TRYING desperately to get this beautiful lady to our events for a while now... and we can safely say that she is OFFICIALLY LOCKED IN!!! There you have it, @blush_body is the first secret we’re going to let you in on, she will be bringing her all natural skincare and famous coffee scrubs to our November 16th event!! Hollie, we are beyond excited to have you onboard!!!
ANOTHER STALLHOLDER... and one that we were very VERY happy to get a YES from! @woodandweavecreations are from the Atherton Tablelands, a creative couple, he does the Wood, she does the weave.... hence the name! Together they make stunning creations for your home, and ideal gifts, and they are bringing their beautiful wears to our November event! You are going to LOVE them! 
LOCAL POTTERY... and very new to us at the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket is @clay_designs._cairns_ We are so looking forward to seeing what she brings on Market day! Beautiful, functional and decorative ceramics made right here in Cairns!
NEW BUSINESS... and new to the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket
Bringing all of the plant love will be @thepalmscairns... and to say we are excited would be a massive understatement! We are so very chuffed these ladies said yes, and you will get a small taster of their beautiful new Aeroglen business! #plantpeople this one is for you!
HIGH END... quality, handmade Indigenous Art & Merchandise will be hitting us in November, thanks to Lisa Michl and her @capeyorkart products! Lisa is one of our shop suppliers, a very well known & established artist, and this will be her first time at the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket with us, we can’t wait! She’ll be bringing the colour!!
NEWBIE... to our Markets!!! The lovely @lilpea.ak will be bringing her gorgeous handmade “Lil” people’s clothing and accessories range to the November market, and we just know you’re going to love them! We can see there being quite a few Christmas presents being bought from this stall!!! Wish they came in big people sizes.... 
THE LEGEND... that is @hayley_gillespie_art and one of our most favourite humans on the planet is bringing her magic touch to our November Market! We feel so honoured and privileged that Hayley is joining us at one of her busiest times of the year, she will have a MAGICAL STALL at our event... so special!! We’re spoiled!!!
NEW STALLHOLDER.... and another super talented local maker... pottery is bringing her beautiful clay creations to market, including her reusable cups, which as beautiful as you can get! We are very excited to have this emerging Cairns artist joining us in November!
JEROME THE GNOME... and his maker @madebyniss are bringing the CUTE FACTOR to Market! We are so excited to have Niss at our Market for the first time, and if you love Christmas.... this will be the stall for you!! The most magical stall will be waiting for you, full of miniature, handmade wonders!!!
The Paper Possum! Christmas is the Possum’s FAVOURITE time of year, and she will have a stall full of her beautiful Christmas Cards, tags, decorations & more, as well as loads other handmade paper crafts, including Teacher presents just in time for the end of the school year! Just one of our specially selected festive stallholders, you will be able to get special cards for all of your loved ones with the Paper Possum.
AND THEN THERE’S THIS!!! After some convincing and reminding how amazing she is... the fantastically quirky, cute & clever creations from BeaKnits is joining us at our November Market! Now you can meet the very lovely lady behind the products you have been loving in our shop for over 3 years now! This makes us so happy, and we just know that you will all love it!!
TEA TIME!!!! Joining us for the first time at our Makers Market is @blackbooks_tea!!! Well-known & loved local business, Margie is bringing all the good brews, ready for you to treat yourself or to buy a perfect Christmas present to add to any hamper or goodie bag! Her products are just top notch, and we are very much looking forward to this stallholder joining us!!! YAY!
TOP OF THE LIST... and we got her!!! We had everything crossed that @lolaandcoau could make to our Market... and she is COMING!!! Get ready to pamper your fur babies!! The funkiest Pet Bandanas, Pet pillows & doggy treats, all made right here in Cairns, are coming to our Christmas market, and trust us... you will definitely want it all!!! You can literally get a present for every member of the family at this event!!!
WELL KNOWN... and Well loved, local Silversmith extraordinaire @khdjewellery is BACK at the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket for the first time since last November, and she has been a busy girl in the last year! We can’t WAIT to see what she brings to market.... we know whatever it is, it will be pretty spesh!!
ITS BEEN A YEAR.... since @clubhousecollective were at our Markets, and their stall was SPECTACULAR... the absolute standout of the entire event... SO... it’s high time we had them back! GET HAPPY GEEKS, the Geek Boutique will be at our November #makinwhoopeemakersmarket!
EVERYTHING’S LOOKIN’ ROSEY... the lovely Grace of @roseycreative is coming back to Market with all of her products! The most divine design & illustrated stationary, textiles and we don’t even know what else yet! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with, surprises for us all! Look her up to see what she does, you will definitely want something for yourself!
BRINGING BABY BACK!! Such a popular Cairns Business, and all round lovely lady @mamaandboocollective is bringing something for the Mums & Bubs this Christmas!!! Cindy goes all out at Market time, her stall always looks so colourful & fun, and we know there will be tonnes of stock for you to choose from, cause that’s how she rolls!!!
LOCAL LEGEND.... we can never go past her, and you won’t be able to either! Bringing all of her funky hand painted, handmade products including her famous #inklingmessybags, is!!! We see she has been making all sorts of new stuff too, so who knows what will be there on Market Day, you’ll have to be there to find out! This lady is also always good for a laugh, so make sure you say g’day... and buy something, it’s impossible not to!!!
OH YES... she’s back, and we know this will keep the crowds happy!!! @cupkates21 is joining us again in November, bring all our favourites, from her famous Cupcakes to her sweet treats, such as Marshmallows, Musk Sticks... and the best Caramel Popcorn in the history of the WORLD!!! And it was just her Birthday, so we thought that was perfect timing to announce her!!! 
BRINGING FUNKY BACK... for big & little people! The awesomeness that is @izbitsworld is rejoining us at the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket in November and will be bringing all of originality & quirkiness that she is famous for! We know she is already sewing up a storm!!!
EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE... yep she’s back and bringing the goods! Due to popular demand, @timberandcotton is joining us again and will be bringing some of her @shopgirlfetti brands with her too! You asked & we couldn’t say no! She’s been on FIRE this year, her designs are just off the charts, AND... we happen to know that her Christmas range is gonna be HUUUUGE!!! Soooooo keen!!!!
DELUXE... the lovely Jess of @wellingtonswick will be raising the glam levels of the Markets again! She’s bringing all of her Beautiful products, including her new ranges, her festive range and the most divine skincare in the world!!! 
THEY’RE BACK!!! It’s been a year, but @mydarrinwalker & @made_by_miss_d are coming back to the Markets, but this time, it’s a double whammy stall! They’ll be sharing a stall, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with between them! 
YOU WOULD ALL KNOW.... our beautiful Mural in our shop, and on the street front.... well the artist is back to Cairns.... and will be coming to market!!! @iamsugarbeam is bringing all her hand drawn goodness to market!!! Artworks, jewellery and more! 



ALL ASHORE.... the Sailors are back! Our old mates from @tattooedsailorcoffeeroasters are back for the next #makinwhoopeemakersmarket! Your shopping power will be provided by this awesome local crew, their coffee is roasted down in their Newell Street digs, it doesn’t get any fresher... or tastier!


We know we kinda already told you this... but it’s too good not to tell you again!! The Sweet Sweet goodness that is @opetitsbiscuits will be back at the #makinwhoopeemakersmarkets in November... and no doubt, he will be the first to sell out... AGAIN! Follow them so you know what’s coming to the Markets, & pre-order so you don’t miss out!!! The BEST baked goods in Cairns... by a mile!


FOR THE KIDS... she’s SUCH a hit, she had to come back again!! @feather_candy will be making sure there are lots of smiling, sticky little faces & fingers at our November event, I mean what’s a Christmas Market without SUGAR!! BUT THERE’S MORE.... and it’s possibly the BEST news EVER.... she’s now doing POPCORN, and she’s bring it to Market!!! Oh we can’t WAIT for those smells!!!YAAAASSSSS!!!


Here it is folks... bringing the cheesy, toasty, old school cool tastes to our November Market... @jaffleheadcairns!!! How god damn good is THAT!!! 


WOOT WOOT!!! This is a BIG ONE!!! On a hot November Market Day, what could be better than a cold, sweet @anneescaphe Vietnamese Coffee!? Well Annee’s is bringing the good stuff, the liquid gold to the #makinwhoopeemakersmarket!!!


Our fave gut bustin’ foodies are coming back!! The cool crew from @thefermentedkitchen are bringing their Fermented goodness for you test out, & take home! Their Sauerkraut’s are YUMMO, and they have some of the best Kombucha in the business!!! Chat to them about their products and why they are so good for you as well as being delicious, Jake & Kristy are the Gut gurus, and we’re super happy to have them back again!!!


CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS... are one of the best bits about Christmas, and some of the best traditions, are the food!! Daphne & Kylie’s Kitchen is a Mother & Daughter team who will be bringing their Christmas baking to market, including their Christmas Cakes, Fruit Cakes, and a traditional plum pudding, cooked in cloth, to their family recipe which is over 100 years old! This will be the perfect stall to grab something to add to a hamper, or to save yourself baking time, you can take home a piece of tradition thanks to these lovely ladies!


CROWD FAVOURITES!!! Knowing the next market is likely to be a bit hot & sticky, we knew all of you market goers would appreciate the delicious, tropical Sorbets & Cordials from Fruits of Paradise... we still crave their Lemonade between Markets... it’s divine, and they’re sure to sell out of Sorbet again this time!!! This is the foodie get asked about over & over again! 


THEY’RE COMING!!! You guys kept telling us you needed them, and they said YES!!! @nonnamena_italiankitchen is coming to the next #makinwhoopeemakersmarket and we can’t WAIT to taste EVERYTHING!!! They’ve been getting RAVE reviews all over town, So we are very excited to have them!!!