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BOOKS & CO - Food Saver's A-Z: The Essential Cornersmith Kitchen Companion

BOOKS & CO - Food Saver's A-Z: The Essential Cornersmith Kitchen Companion

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Ultimate modern reference guide to storing, using up and making the most of each ingredient in your fridge, pantry or fruit bowl.

What have you got that needs using up? Open your fridge or pantry, check what's in your fruit bowl, then dive into these pages to turn whatever ingredients are on hand into delicious meals, side dishes, condiments and baked goods.

This timeless resource is packed with ideas and advice for reducing food waste and making great meals with what you already have, whether that's half a jar of tomato paste, a handful of green beans that have seen better days or a whole cauliflower that looked beautiful at the shops but now gives you the guilts.

You'll find waste hacks, storage tips, swaps and shortcuts for more than 150 common vegetables, fruits and kitchen staples, as well as hundreds of recipes from the popular Cornersmith Cooking School. The Food Saver's A-Z is your new best friend in the kitchen.

About the Author

Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards run the Cornersmith Cooking School in Sydney, where they teach traditional kitchen skills for modern cooks, highlighting the importance of seasonal eating and reducing food waste. Their mission is to empower home cooks to make less wasteful, more delicious meals every day.

Their previous titles include Cornersmith, Cornersmith Salads and Pickles and Use It All, also published by Murdoch Books.

Format: Hardcover
Number Of Pages: 528
Dimensions (cm): 22.5 x 17  x 4.5
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