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CAPE YORK ART Gathering Freshwater Mussel Shell 1 blank gift card

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Lisa Michl / KO-manggen

Cape York Art is an Aboriginal owned and operated company that showcases art and design products from Cape York Peninsula. It was established to connect audiences with talented Cape York artists and profile their artistic styles.

Gathering Freshwater Mussel Shell 1 

This painting tells the story of when Lisa and her family went out to Green Swamp to get  Cabbage Palm Ribbon, Dye catch Long-neck Swamp Turtle and gather Mussel Shell.

They went into the Swamp and set their lines for Turtle and then made their way to get some dye. They mashed it up and put it into an old flour drum and let it boil on the hot coals of the fire. While the dye was boiling out they made their way down to where the Cabbage Palm Trees grow. They cut Cabbage Palm Heart from some of the younger trees and took them back to the camp to strip the Ribbon. They put the ribbon into the flour drum and left in the dye and then hung it up into the trees to dry.

Lisa's mum and aunties went into the swamp and they taught her how to dig in the water and feel for the Mussels Shells the old way. After they had more than enough to eat they made their way back into town and sat under the old Jew Jew Tree in her great grandmother's yard. She showed her how to make dilly bags over the next few days.

Blank card 15.5cm x 15.5cm