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CAPE YORK ART Gathering Gidee Gidee Beads at 1st & 2nd Sand Ridge 1 blank gift card

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Lisa Michl / KO-manggen

Cape York Art is an Aboriginal owned and operated company that showcases art and design products from Cape York Peninsula. It was established to connect audiences with talented Cape York artists and profile their artistic styles.

Gathering Gidee Gidee Beads at 1st & 2nd Sand Ridge 1

This painting tells the story of when my aunts and I traveled by vehicle out onto country. We were heading south for fishing.

While traveling over country we came across a place called first Sand Ridge then soon after second Sand Ridge. This is the place where Gidee Gidee beads grow.

We pulled over to collect the tiny little red and black beads from the vines they grow on. We use Gidee Gidee beads to make artefacts and ceremonial body ornaments. Traditionally they were also used for medical purposes. 

Blank card 15.5cm x 15.5cm