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CAPE YORK ART Whispering Grass 1 blank gift card

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Blank card 15.5cm x 15.5cm
Whispering Grass 1
Whispering grass is an old saying or moral from Lisa's grandmother's side. When she was growing up her and her cousins used to tell white lies and tried to get each other into trouble. Her grandmother used to tell them "That's Whispering Grass" and she would then try to get them to behave.
This artwork is about that old saying, it tells of how news travels through communities and over country. And it tells of how the story always changes bit by bit until it has completely changed. 
The lines in the painting show the grass found on country and the dots represent the whispers and story as it passes from one community to the next and the larger dots show the news as it changes.


Lisa Michl / KO-manggen
Cape York Art is an Aboriginal owned and operated company that showcases art and design products from Cape York Peninsula. It was established to connect audiences with talented Cape York artists and profile their artistic styles.