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A&A POTTERY - AKIKO - Seaweed Bell #1

A&A POTTERY - AKIKO - Seaweed Bell #1

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Ceramic bell made from natural clay with a macrame hanging loop to display.  These Seaweed Bells are fired in the kiln with Seaweed, which created the organic colours and marking on the surface, each is completely random & unique!

10cm diameter and 8cm tall, (19cm including yarn hanging loop)


A&A Pottery

Two lovely Cairns based makers who bonded over their love of ceramics!  Akiko Hanazaki of Beloved Pottery is originally from Japan, and has ceramics flowing in her veins, with generations of her family working in Clay.  And Alicia Sue See of Potteress by Alicia, is a Cairns local & bred, she also has a family history of ceramics! Together Akiko & Alicia are A&A Pottery, a collaboration for markets & pop up stalls all over Cairns, and they both work out of Akiko's home studio!  Two very talented ladies!
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