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Bridgette Gower- Bridgette Gower 2022 "Let's Go Buggin'" Calendar

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Featuring the BEST photographs of animals and Fungi featured on Let’s Go Buggin Tours in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Printed in Australia on quality gloss paper, January to December, Weekly days start on Monday, Calendar pages have space to write. All featured animals and fungi will have Scientific names and short descriptions.

About Bridgette and the evolvement of Aussie Macro Photos

Bridgette grew up on a farm near a small rural town in NSW.  Being surrounded by nature she developed a great appreciation of the natural world from a very young age.

Over the years her love of wildlife, conservation and photography grew.  She travelled around the world to experience and learn about the wildlife and habitat of many countries.

Over the past two years Bridgette has dedicated every spare minute to finding, photographing and identifying some of the worlds smallest animals.  She is lucky to live near the Cairns Botanic Gardens where she spent countless hours in search of the many hidden treasures.

Bridgette started using her macro photography to capture images of the incredible variety of fungi in Tropical Far North Queensland.  At the start of 2020, and with the emergence of COVID-19 she was made redundant & this provided the opportunity for Bridgette to grab the Rhinoceros Beetle by the horns and pursue her passion of sharing the beauty of the miniature world that largely goes unnoticed.

Aussie Macro Photos features photographs by Bridgette available to purchase in a range of mediums including gorgeous acrylic blocks and wall hangings. 

In a brand-new enterprise, Bridgette is now running Guided Tours for those interested in seeing and or photographing some of the many of the lifeforms she has photographed in the Cairns Botanic Gardens. 

Bridgette was recently placed in the Top 20 in the Photographer of the Year 2020, in the ‘Animal & Nature’ category with her submission ‘Beautiful Beasts of the Rainforest’.