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Gurrngul Art - 'Ngawiya' Turtle Close Up Greeting Card

Gurrngul Art - 'Ngawiya' Turtle Close Up Greeting Card

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Green Sea Turtles show up in life as a sign to slow down and take it in. Turtles always have that power of making you stop and look while you watch them come up and take a big breath. I can still hear my mothers voice when she sees them “Ngawiya! Look ngawiya” and the excitement on her face, although she’s seem them countless times throughout her lifetime the effect of this animal is still the same excitement and joy.

This piece was created on Alngith Country in Weipa, QLD.


Card is blank inside for your personal message.

Printed in Australia. Comes with an envelope.

Size: 139mm x 107mm

 ©, 2022.

Artist Biography

My name is Ayesha Woibo and I’m a Binhdhi Warra woman of the Guugu Yimidhirr people. I'm also a descendant of the Dhubbi Warra, Dharrba Warra & Guugu Buyun clans with connections to Hope Vale, Cooktown and the surrounding areas. The story behind the name Gurrngul is a short story as my Great-grandfather had told my mum that I was to be called that name once I was born. I was named after one of my Ancestors, she was a sister to one of our Kings.

I learnt at a young age that nothing empowered me more and brought me strength than learning my culture - I yearned for it and still do. I’ve spent so much time in the presence of my Grandfathers & Nannies, on my Old Peoples Country, seeking knowledge, always asking questions. I loved learning about the history, the connection to land & the sacredness of being an Aboriginal woman. I knew through these conversations they were weaving me in into the woman I am today.

An Elder once told me that songs, names and stories are passed down through a spiral to keep our culture strong. I am one of many Gurrnguls that have lived, and I won’t be the last.

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