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Hanging Around Macrame Forest Green "Ivy" Macrame Hand Bag

  • $65.00

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These Ivy Hand Bags are Whoopee faves, they are just beautiful, and can be a perfect addition to any outfit, for day or for night, with their bamboo handles and a row of tassels  This beautiful Dark Forest Green is a stunner. They are made from 100% Cotton Yarn. It is approximately 25 x 25 cm from the top of the handle to the bottom of the bag.


"I believe that everyone needs a hobby or interest that is just for themselves, something they are passionate about but mostly something that makes them happy. Thankfully Macrame is that for me and I get to share that with others through my products and classes. This isn’t just about business it’s about happiness, maybe one day I will find a way to make the two combine and I will get to do the thing I love everyday.  In the meantime I will continue to create and share what I love with others.  Sharlene xo"