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Heidi Helyard - "Painted Alloys" Gold Stud Resin & Ink Organic Arch Earrings

Heidi Helyard - "Painted Alloys" Gold Stud Resin & Ink Organic Arch Earrings

  • $44.00


Metallic alcohol inks and white opaque resin experiments. All shapes are original and handmade. Both matte and gloss finishes feature in this gorgeous collection.


The earrings measure 25mm wide and 45mm high. They feature surgical steel studs. 


Please note, the pieces are quite fragile and shouldn't be bent or dropped. Please keep earrings dry.


Some pieces feature slight imperfections in the resin. In most instances the imperfections are barely noticeable and do not affect the look, functionality or durability of the pieces. To maximise the life of the resin and colour do not store in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. If exposed to heat and sunlight slight discolouration may occur. Pigments may fade over time. Avoid exposure to alcohols, in particular perfumes. They can react to the resin and affect the finish.


Please note, due to variations in some computer/phone screens and monitors, there may be slight variations in colour. Every attempt has been made to represent the product and colours as accurately as possible.


Heidi is a self-employed graphic designer living on the beautiful Central Coast, in NSW, North of Sydney. Her  jewellery collections are small-scaled one-off pieces of wearable art. Her polymer clay slab work is next level!