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Hoochie Mama Ceramics - Narrow Arch Porcelain Dangles #2

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Porcelain dangle earrings. Handmade earrings with hand coloured porcelain and hand painted real gold lustre. These earrings are biscuit fired, then fired to a stoneware temperature, then they have a third lustre firing. A mini piece of ceramic art for your ears!

-Earring Size: Arch size is approximately 2.75cmwide by 3.5cm long.

-High quality gold filled hypoallergenic wires.



Hoochie Mama Ceramics are Handmade in Townsville by Jayne Deluca, a ceramics & plant lovin' lady!  These porcelain dangles are a plastic free alternative, and this maker believes in quality over quantity.  Being highly fired they are tougher than you think, don't be afraid to wear these pretties!