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BOOKS & CO - Still Life Drawing: A Creative Guide to Observing the World Around You

BOOKS & CO - Still Life Drawing: A Creative Guide to Observing the World Around You

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The idea of growing plants in containers is certainly not a new one. Sea travellers in the 1700's would use sealed transparent cases to transport plants on long journeys by sea. Merchants would import ferns, orchids and exotic plants from warmer areas in the world. They were an effective way of controlling temperature and moisture levels thus keeping the plants alive.

Still Life Drawing is a creative drawing activity book filled with quick, achievable and fun exercises from graphic artist and designer Alice Oehr. It takes inspiration from the traditions of still life drawing, helping you to create artworks with what you have on hand and encouraging you to slow down and notice the world around you.

Since the dawn of time, humans have drawn the items that surround them. Ancient Roman paintings of fruits and flowers kicked off a tradition adopted by artists from Caravaggio to Van Gogh. Still life requires us to pay attention to often-overlooked details – an art in itself. Colours, patterns and textures are everywhere, and the shape of the coffee cup on our desk or the orange of a pumpkin at the market can spark all kinds of ideas. With Still Life Drawing learn to:

  • Use uncomplicated techniques to represent objects on paper,
  • Experiment with pattern and colour,
  • Create texture with different mediums: collage, paint or even pixels,
  • Take the time to appreciate the small things and build creativity into your routines,
  • And of course use artistic license and find your own style.

So many people say they can't draw, but everyone can. Still Life Drawing reminds us that putting pen to paper is a simple pleasure, available to anyone. And when it comes to combining colours, playing with pattern and exploring shapes, there are no rules. Taking inspiration from the objects we encounter is a great place to start, and can help us to find creativity and meaning in our everyday lives.

About the Author

Alice Oehr is an illustrator and designer from Melbourne, Australia. Her distinct colourful style reflects her love of food, pattern, collage and drawing. Her ideas have made their way onto textiles, books, shop windows, homewares and once even a series of 6-feet-tall Ancient Egyptian-style statues. Alice draws both for business and for pleasure, in both pixels and pencils, which has led her to teaching, speaking and writing on the subject. She believes drawing should be done for relaxation and for fun, at all ages and with abandon.


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