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Luxe Foliage

Lux Foliage- Monstera Albo Borgsigina Keyring

Lux Foliage- Monstera Albo Borgsigina Keyring

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Monstera Albo Borsigiana

Part of The Terracotta Collection, The Monstera Borsigiana is the more rare, highly prized, Variegated version of the much loved Monstera Borsigiana

With its deep green leaves featuring brilliant hits of white and soft greens this Monstera Albo Borsigiana is certainly a conversation starter.


Monstera albo borgsigina keyring - 45mm x 33mm silver metal surround filled with soft enamel with silver keychain.

Each Keyring will come individually packed in a clear cello bag with Backing card make from recycled paper and Vegetable Based Inks



Where Plants meet Design, A modern take on all things botanical made by a Plant Lover for Plant Lovers, from The Entrance, Central NSW. 

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