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Nissa Fae

Nissa Fae- Handmade Large Ceramic Cauldron/Bowls - Dark with Spiderweb

Nissa Fae- Handmade Large Ceramic Cauldron/Bowls - Dark with Spiderweb

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Lovingly handmade in Cairns by our favourite Witchy Woman, Nissafae!

Each Besom (Twig Broom) is made using foraged handles and twigs, wrapped in beaitful cotton yarns and adorned with dried flowers and various charms, no two are ever the same.

Much like the floor cleaning variety, these mini Besoms are made to clean shrines and alters in various religious and Wiccan practices, and also symbolise the cleaning away of negative energy and cleansing in general!  They invite good energy into your home, and just have to look lovely as ornaments too!

4cm in Height, and approximately 8cm in Diameter



“Soul creations for the Modern Witch”, is what Nissafae is all about, her range includes her absolutely beautiful handmade Cauldrons, Spell Jars, room and body sprays, Besoms and so much more! An earthy, soulful collection to bring a little magic, positivity and goodness into your homes & lives!  Her creations are all about wellness, and the soul, and loving and appreciating the natural world, they are for everyone no matter what your beliefs!

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