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NYA Ethical Clothing- Nya Cloth Face Mask - Plain Black

  • $15.00

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      • Washable
      • Reusable
      • Two layers of fabric with internal pouch - you can add a paper mask or filter paper if you can source online, to achieve 3 layer protection
      • GOTS certified Hemp Organic Cotton
      • Elastic tie to adjust for comfortable fit around head or can be cut and tied for wear around ears
      • Small size - to fit child up to 12 years 11.5cm height / 18cm width
      • Large size - to fit adult - 14cm height / 24cm width
      • Please note these masks are not medical grade and do not stop COVID
      • Due to health reasons there are NO RETURNS



          Whilst travelling the world, working for well-known Australian clothing brands, we witnessed first-hand the devastating environmental impact caused by the fashion industry.We already knew some of the facts....
          • 150 million trees are logged each year to provide viscose fabric for the textile industry
          • Creating plastic-based textiles alone uses more than 342 million barrels of oil
          • The fashion industry contributes as much as 10% of the worlds global greenhouse gas emissions
          Visiting cities that were choking in toxic smog, seeing the factory workers living conditions, actually being amongst it ourselves, really brought it home.

          We felt we had to take action of some sort. Nya is our way of using our skills to make a difference! Our mission is to create beautiful printed clothing in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.

          Many brands are producing sustainable and ethical natural coloured clothing but we wanted to stand out from the crowd in bold, bright patterns and colours. We look beyond fashion trends, and aim to create collectable pieces to be enjoyed for years to come. 

          Our prints all start with our own hand drawn sketches, combining our love of nature and passion for vintage design. Our art is heavily inspired by our home where the rugged bushland meets the wild waves of the Victorian Surf Coast.

          We value quality over quantity.

          We pride ourselves on being a slow fashion brand producing very limited collections each year. We produce just what we need, based on your orders, to avoid any leftover stock at the end of the season.

          Nya is 100% Australian Made and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

          Working closely with our small team of craftspeople to ensure our garments are made as ethically and efficiently as possible; we are often on hand to adjust and refine details during the production process. Fabric is both screen printed and sewn in Melbourne,using GOTS certified organic Cotton & Hemp. Each detail is carefully considered, we aim to be as zero waste as possible across the business, even saving our scrap fabric from landfill, turning them into useful accessories.

          Socially Responsible

          By wearing a Nya garment you are choosing to be socially responsible, showing you care about making a difference and joining our quest to create a better future for us all!

          Xx Tani and Fleur