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POH TERRI - Sgraffito Ceramic Oil Burners

POH TERRI - Sgraffito Ceramic Oil Burners

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2 piece Sgraffito Oil Burner, a bowl & base. Generous sized bowl to avoid fast water evaporation.

A dark, hand decorated glaze over natural, speckled clay.

Approximately 10cm diameter/width and 10cm high when assembled. 

Made in Cairns



Olivia Azzopardi is a Cairns based Artist and Ceramicist, commonly known as Poh Terri. Having completed a Certificate III and a Diploma in Visual Arts at TAFE Far North Queensland, she focuses her arts practice in drawing and ceramics.

Her artistic career began after showcasing two solo exhibitions in 2013 and 2015 respectively, displayed at the Tanks Art Gallery, Cairns. Consecutively started and supported an Artist Run Initiative, where young emerging artists were able to exhibit solo works, host workshops and sell commercial wares. From there, Olivia worked in a Artist Residency at TAFE FNQ during 2018 continuing to develop and refine her arts practice.

Currently, Olivia is continuing to support and help students at TAFE FNQ as a tutor and visual art technician, as well as hosting ongoing drawing and wheel-throwing workshops locally.

Spending most her life in Far North Queensland, Olivia is inadvertently inspired and visually consumed by the shapes, forms and patterns of the tropical growth and fauna of FNQ. In particular, her arts practice has recently combined the expressive and symbolic antidote of drawing with the generous tactility of ceramics. The focus of Olivia’s practice explores the philosophy of death and existentialism in relation to the human condition and its complexities, between the object form of clay and subjection and symbolism of drawn flora and fauna.

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