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Shanna Trees Creations

Shanna Trees Creations- Handmade Beeswax Wraps - Large Bundle

Shanna Trees Creations- Handmade Beeswax Wraps - Large Bundle

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Handmade beeswax wraps featuring art from Shanna Trees Creations.

This release of wraps has been lovingly created using organic cotton poplin fabric from Onyx Fox Designs.

The wraps are made from a mixture 4 different designs making each bundle ne of a kind.


Organic cotton poplin

Australian beeswax

Pine resin

Australian organic jojoba oil

Australian organic coconut oil

This listing is for a Large Bundle which contains 1 x Small wrap (18 x 18cm), 2 x Medium wraps (24 x 26cm) and 1 x Large wrap (34 x 35cm).


Please note this is a handmade (and hand cut) product so slight sizing variability may occur.

To use:

Warm the wrap in your hands and mould to the item being covered.

Beeswax wraps are a fantastic replacement to glad wrap. You can cover bowls, fruit and veges, use to wrap sandwhiches and lunch… and more!

Care: Handwash your wraps in cool to warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Do not soak. Not dishwasher safe.

Wraps are flammable so avoid microwave and open flames.

Wraps should last 12 months (or longer) with care. If wax begins to crack, lay flat on low heat (100 degrees fan forced) in oven (lay baking paper down first) to soften, or iron on cotton setting with baking paper cover.

Once your wrap loses its wax, or has a bad smell, simply dispose of in your home compost, or bury. Completely biodegradable and eco friendly!


About the Artist Shanna

I am passionate about creating patterns and art that evokes a love of nature and magick, as well as highlighting more environmentally friendly fashion and lifestyle choices. 
My patterns features on a range of Australian eco-baby brands, to help encourage people to switch to reusable products through beautiful art.
I also license to a number of beautiful Australian fabric shops, with a focus on slow fashion and handmade creations.
If you are here to shop, you will find a range of goods in my designs for sale in the shop drop down.

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