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  • $30.00

These stunning kookaburra earrings have been handmade using discarded vinyl records (rescued before they went to landfill) and our original artwork.
They are sealed with a high quality resin coating to make them strong and durable, and feel beautiful.

The result - ethically made earrings that are as unique and fun as you! AND they're good for the planet!

Size:   Kookaburra - 5cm x 3cm

Overall earring length - 6.5cm

We use surgical steel hooks (perfect for sensitive ears)

These earrings are fun to wear, and as light as air! Add a little creative style to your day. 

You're never fully dressed without a SMYLE.

A little note: These images should be used a guide only. Colours may vary depending on your computer and device screen. We do our best to accurately present colours and tones. The colours are represented to reflect how the piece would look if you were holding it outside on a sunny day.


We are Kylie & Matt, Brisbane based designers with a passion for retro designs and creative recycling.  Together we have created Smyle Designs, a colourful, eco-friendly jewellery range made from recycled CDs and Vinyl RecordS.

We all know plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges the world currently faces. 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic has been created since 1950. And it’s all still here.  91% has never been recycled. Not even once.

So we’re doing our bit to help. Instead of making jewellery from shiny new materials, we make our creations from recycled plastics....cos the world needs more recycling, not more manufacturing. 

We're chuffed with the making process we've developed! It took a lot of trials, and a lot of errors, (and quite a few swears!) but we eventually perfected a completely original way of turning discarded CD's and vinyl records, that were destined for landfill, into wearable art! 

Our production method is definitely a labour of love. It all starts with our original artwork. We use Rosie, our very clever CNC router, to cut CD's and vinyl records into cool shapes. We hand pour a resin coating to add strength, durability and a beautiful feel. And we sand the edges, assemble the earrings and brooches and package it, all just the two of us, in our happy little home studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia. 

The result are ethically made earrings and brooches that are cute and fun to wear!

And they’re good for the planet.