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Machine Stitched Keyrings/bag charms!  Beautifully made, useful products for all kinds of fandom! 

MARVEL UNIVERSE... A FIRM WHOOPEE FAVOURITE UNIVERSE! Orphaned as a child when the rest of her species was annihilated, Gamora was found and raised by the tyrant Thanos, who conditioned her to become an unparalleled warrior. Weary of the acts she was forced to commit in her would-be father’s name, Gamora later broke free of her chains. Teaming up with Star-Lord and his motley crew, the “most dangerous woman in the galaxy” now seeks to redeem her past crimes, putting her unparalleled skills to use as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Local Maker & Geek to the core, Helen Morris, the super woman behind Stitch Wars, is a super, Mega fan of pretty much everything!  Avid  book reader, Disney lover and mad keen maker of all things stitched!  These products & her machine are her super powers!