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Handcrafted pendant necklace made from sustainably grown various timbers.

Waxed cord, hanging length 30cm.

Care: Wash me with warm soapy water but don't let me drown. Don't soak. 

Located in North Queensland, we are a small plantation growing native Australian rainforest timbers. We also selectively salvage timber locally. Adjacent to Wooronooran National Park, part of the Wet Tropics World heritage area, our plantation is situated on a former dairy farm that we have revegetated for the purpose of timber production but also promoting habitat for native plants and animals. There is some remnant forest, but a large amount was cleared in the 1930’s for dairy, now a struggling industry in the region. Growing a plantation of mixed rainforest species that are highly desirable cabinet timbers has delivered both a home for animals and a wonderful selection of timbers.

We like to think of our plantation as a rainforest, and that’s what it looks like compared to the desolate pine forests you may have in mind when you hear the word plantation. Timber is harvested on a rotation basis by selecting a small group of trees and then replanting back into the canopy opening. This allows for a completely self-sustaining life cycle of the plantation. Additionally, this minimises habitat destruction and allows the plantation to function as a forest and provide rich habitat.

Purchasing our products contributes positively to our vision of improving habitat and promoting sustainable business practices. Your support allows further tree planting, revegetation of creek lines, and ongoing maintenance to achieve richer habitat.