How hard are the Journey of Something Paint by Numbers kits?

How hard are the Journey of Something Paint by Numbers kits?

I remember trying one or two really tacky paint by numbers projects when I was little, way back in the late 80's and early 90's. One in particular was meant to look like stain glass but was obviously all plastic. We didn't keep those masterpieces!

I remember being insecure about having a go because I'm not a painter but the quality of the material was also terrible, it was just cheap kids craft activities that usually ended up in the bin. 

Our Journey of Something Paint by Numbers kits brought back that insecurity in me, I haven't painted anything since the 90's I think, and was worried that I would struggle and abandon the project.

Well let me tell you, it was far from being the case! I got totally sucked in! It was so rewarding to see the progress at the end of each day (I recommend taking pictures as you go along). 

All the kits on offer are so beautiful, you will definitely want to keep and frame your work at the end of it. The paint is really good quality, the brushes are not artist grade but are perfect for the project (I kept mine as I feel comfortable using them now as a novice).

It took way longer to finish than I expected to but I didn't mind at all as I really enjoyed the journey. It was so relaxing and rewarding to do that I truly felt like it was a treat to myself, a form of self care. It's not something you do in a hurry, it's about allowing yourself to take your time, chill and appreciate the process. I had an audiobook playing while painting and I always think of that book when I see the painting now, it's a really nice memory.

The finish product looks so good! I'm so impressed and delighted with my work! A really affordable and simple solution to get the work ready to hang was to find a cheap canvas of the same dimensions as the painting (mine was on sale from Spotlight) and stretch it over the top using a stapler.

I strongly recommend that you treat yourself to a kit, not only for the finished product but also for the experience. I will be making more that's for sure! I hope this answered any questions you may have had regarding these products, if not please do get in touch!

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