About us


Supporting small Australian businesses, makers, artists, designers, locals & Handmade!

Introducing "Makin' Whoopee Gift Shop" – a vibrant haven in Cairns, Far North Queensland, where creativity thrives and community connections flourish in bright, fun & Sunny surrounds. Founded by two close friends with a love of all things arts & crafts, and helped on by one of their sisters, Makin' Whoopee is more than just a shop – it's a celebration of Australian ingenuity and handmade excellence.

Step inside Makin' Whoopee and be greeted by a kaleidoscope of colours and an array of unique finds, all proudly crafted by Australian small businesses, local makers, artists, designers & family enterprises. From eclectic jewellery to bespoke homewares, stationery, artworks, and more, each item is a testament to the skill and passion of its creator, and the store’s founders. We're committed to fostering a culture of slow, ethical, and sustainable production, which is why every product in our store is lovingly designed, created or handmade and, whenever possible, proudly Australian made.

With every purchase, you're not just acquiring a gift; you're supporting a vibrant community of artisans and preserving the tradition of craftsmanship in Australia. When you shop with us, you could be supporting up to 100 other small businesses. Come and experience the joy of Makin' Whoopee Gift Shop – where every find is a celebration of creativity, and every visit is an opportunity to make whoopee!




Makin' Whoopee began as fleeting pop-up appearances that steadily extended their stay. With growing confidence, in 2017, they took a bold leap and settled into their permanent abode on Shields Street, nestled in the charming heart of Cairns, in a cool old tin-roofed shop. In addition to curating their beloved shop, Kirsty and Fany passionately organized workshops and bustling makers markets. They relish engaging with the vibrant community that rallies behind them, striving to amplify the significance of supporting Australian products and businesses, particularly the small and local ones.

After six amazing years, Fany made the heartfelt decision to return to her hometown in Canada to be closer to her family. Though her absence is deeply felt, Kirsty has taken up the reins, continuing to steer Makin' Whoopee with the same spirit and enthusiasm that defined their partnership. In honouring her incredible friend and partner in crime, Kirsty ensures that Makin' Whoopee remains a beacon of joy, creativity, and community spirit, just as Fany would have wanted. And Tracey is still helping behind the scenes and doing all of the boring jobs for Kirsty… and mopping the floors!




Fany Whoopee brought a touch of Quebecoise charm to the sunny shores of Cairns, French Canadian, she often felt like a polar bear in a sauna in the tropical heat! Her journey to Australia began in November 2005, eventually leading her to Cairns in August 2010. It was at the Cairns Regional Gallery where fate intervened, introducing her to sisters Kirsty and Tracey Whoopee. Their shared passion for handmade products blossomed into Makin' Whoopee. Fany’s creativity knew no bounds, she came up with all of the big ideas, and was the tech girl at Whoopee! She was the creator of Makin’ Whoopee’s website & online shop, which helped the shop survive through the pandemic!

With a background in the arts, Fany honed her craft through college studies and earned a diploma in film photography—a relic of a time when pagers and VHS tapes were the norm. A self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, Fany's love for her feline friends knows no bounds. Fany Whoopee also harbours a fascination with true crime stories and eagerly tunes into her favourite podcasts like "My Favorite Murder." She loves Music, all things arts, film & television, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes… and did we mention cats?! She also ensured that Halloween became a celebration Whoopee was known for, bringing all the fun & spooky vibes from her Canadian childhood to Cairns!


Kirsty Whoopee is the quintessential Cairns girl, a proud fourth-generation local, with a deep love of her hometown. Having spent three adventurous years travelling in her 20’s, living mainly in Scotland, she loves travelling and has an epic bucket list that continues to grow.

With a background deeply rooted in the arts, boasting a Fine Arts Degree, a Diploma of Interior Decorating, and a trained Merchandiser, Kirsty's passion lies in the art of decoration—she'll embellish just about anything if it sits still long enough... even the Whoopee toilet!

A self-proclaimed nerd with an unabashed love for all things ancient history, animals, art, and music, and she is a total bookworm! Kirsty is a walking encyclopedia of obscure facts & useless trivia, but can't do maths! She loves Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney! She is also obsessed with her doggo Maisey Jingles… and maybe Christmas too… or any excuse to dress in theme!


Tracey Whoopee is Kirsty's big sister, so naturally she assumes the role of the team's resident worrier, or as she likes to call it “boss”. With a background in finance and administration, she keeps Makin' Whoopee running smoothly, managing the paperwork and figures that her sister absolutely can’t do… Despite being the oldest of the trio, Tracey's “youthful” spirit shines through, as she embraces her self-proclaimed "immaturing" with passion!

Tracey's true passion lies in the magical world of Disney—a love so deep that barely a day passes without a touch of Disney! Her ultimate quest? To conquer all the Disney theme parks, one magical adventure at a time, she is ALWAYS planning holidays! As well as "mummaging" her two teenagers, Tracey works in a Deli and helps run 2 Tennis clubs… she can also be found indulging in her love for cake, cocktails, and shoes… she also loves a High Tea! You’ll know when Tracey is the shop, Bon Jovi will be on the speakers…