Dr Geraldine McGuire (PhD) has been collecting and tasting rainforest fruits since she was a child growing up in tropical North Queensland. This game of “bush roulette” gave her a deep appreciation for the natural world and the profound knowledge kept by Australia’s First Nations people. Deciding to “fight the system from the inside” she became the environmental manager for a large gold mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia where she saw the real purpose of regenerative agriculture and the benefit it has on the environment and community.
Witnessing first-hand the destruction of Borneo’s tropical rainforests for logging and oil palm plantations inspired her and her husband Athy to replant their 80-acre former dairy farm on the Atherton Tablelands. After trialing hundreds of species they chose the “First Four”, Lemon Aspen, Cape York Lilly Pilly, Boonjie Tamarind and as the Girramay people called it when it was documented by government botanist, John Dallachy, more than a hundred years ago, the Ooray Plum. The result? An entirely new category of food products inspired by native foods and an ongoing mission to change the way we eat to restore people and the planet.
20 Years later and Geraldine is still doing what she loves and believes in and Rainforest Bounty has become a leader in regenerative agricultural systems sharing the bounty of the rainforest with Australia and the world.

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