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Bright Threads

BRIGHT THREADS- Back to School Tea Towel

BRIGHT THREADS- Back to School Tea Towel

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All the fish!  This design was from Alice's daughter's drawings, they were so cute & quirky, they just had to be turned into a new range! Perfect for beachy & coastal vibes, they are so beautiful they can be used for more than wiping dishes, use as table toppers, hang them on your wall, get a matching pair for your bedside tables!  Your imagination is the limit!

Linen tea towels are like the unsung heroes of the kitchen—they’re absorbent, durable, and bring a touch of rustic charm. Plus, they age like fine wine, getting softer over time. Who wouldn’t love that?

100% Linen 50cm x 70cm


I'm Alice, and I wanted luxe linen in bold colours and vibrant patterns. Linen to last a lifetime of rosé fuelled long lunches... I couldn't find any!

The good quality linen was often boring. The great prints and colours poor quality, designed to only last a season.

I wanted the linen that I could build a collection around, the sort of linen that would last long enough for my son and daughter to be using it one day.

And so, while on maternity leave with my daughter, I took the leap and Bright Threads was born.

Bright Threads begins

Wanting a high-quality product that was luxurious, recyclable and biodegradable, I decided to work with 100 percent linen.

With my designer, I created collections of patterns and prints with the intention that they all work together.

Then came the stressful process of finding a good quality screen printer – which led me to Bali. After many meetings, motorbike taxi rides, G&T's and buckets of Bintang, I found a great team. Using traditional Balinese methods, they screen-print by hand - transforming my designs into beautiful fabric.

With my boss lady led sewing team in Seminyak, the fabric is turned into a range of beautiful products for every day use, not just entertaining! 

Bright Threads linens are hand made with attention to detail ensuring that with proper care and attention, your linen will last a lifetime. 

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