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BOOKS & CO - Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy

BOOKS & CO - Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy

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It's time to start sewing with Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy: 20 pattern-free projects (and infinite variations) to make your dream wardrobe.

When Daisy Braid started sewing, patterns were out of her budget so she just started DIYing! Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy is a colourful, size-inclusive and inspiring book for sewers of all stages and abilities, beginners included. It includes guides on everything you need to get started (including equipment, materials and basic techniques) and step-by-step projects with clear instructions, photographs and illustrations that will take the scary out of sewing.

Daisy's designs use simple shapes to create playful, classic and comfortable pieces that can be styled for all occasions, whether that’s a picnic date or a WFH day. The book features 10 small accessory projects and 10 more advanced clothing projects, each with a fun variation (but with potential for endless customisation). There's no standard sizing – just your own body measurements – and no zips or buttons required! They also encourage intentional sewing practices, with projects that produce minimal waste and can even be made with leftover fabric scraps.

So get out that sewing machine (or borrow one from you granny) – Sew It Yourself with DIY Daisy is all you need to get started on discovering (or rediscovering) sewing and creating something one-of-a-kind. Just remember: sewing is self-care, and you make the rules!

Hardcover, Number Of Pages: 208

About the Author

Daisy Braid grew up in a house with a very DIY mentality (her dad built the actual house, and her mum was a self-taught chef). She learned to sew as a teenager on her grandmother's old sewing machine, altering op-shop finds and DIYing new outfits with remnants from her fabulous fashion designer aunt, and wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. But sewing took a back seat until a move to New Zealand in 2016 led her back to fashion. She started working for some local labels and was inspired to get behind the machine again, and DIY Daisy was born: an online platform where Daisy shares her simple, pattern-free sewing creations. Daisy moved to Tokyo in 2018 and now lives on the Gold Coast, where she also runs craft workshops. Her teaching philosophy is to make sure people enjoy the process of making and creating.

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