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DUSTY J DESIGNS- Planty Sticker Sheet

DUSTY J DESIGNS- Planty Sticker Sheet

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For all of the plant & stationery lovers, this gorgeous sticker sheet is perfect for use in any diary or journal, or anywhere else you want to show you love for of your plant babies! 

Monstera | Fiddle Leaf | Caladium | Philodendron | Monstera Adansonii | Variegated Monstera | Mother In Laws Tongue | Philodendron Brasil | Calathea

— 10cm x 15cm

— 9 stickers

— Matte finish

— Made from vinyl material

— Scratch water & sunlight resistant

Designed by a tiny business in a tiny town on the Far South Coast of NSW, Australia



I am Juvette, the face behind the designs & photos. A single mum to Dusten AKA Dusty, my main inspiration & the face behind the name.

We are from the Far South Coast of NSW. Where life is slow, the sand is between your toes (& everywhere else) & your hair is always salty. Cows have their own pedestrian crossings & tractors are the only usual thing that cause traffic jams.

All designs are a paragraph to our book of life & each one has a story. Some have a heartfelt meaning & some are simply inspired by previous designs or something on the side of the road.

I love nature, previously studied horticulture & used to own my own plant shop, this is where the majority of my design inspo comes from, plants & flowers. All in all, I LOVE being creative & designing my way through life, it can be an escape from the fast-paced world we all live in.

My favourite plants are philodendrons.
My favourite flower is the sunflower!! You can’t help but feel happy when you look at them.
My favourite colours are mustard & blue.
And I have a love for boho, hippy & retro vibes.

Designing and creating this little business was inspired by little Dusty. In hope it would be able to create the opportunity to stay home and be there for him for as long as possible. I am grateful for all of you who support us and couldn’t be more thankful.

Thank you for supporting our little family.

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