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INKLING: Wrist Strap 8

INKLING: Wrist Strap 8

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Turn any Inkling into hands free mode with a detachable wrist strap!

The swivel lobster clasp opens to fit through the zipper tab.

Quick and easy to attach or remove, it gives your Messy Bags or Tiny Pouches a whole new way to be used.

Add your wrist strap for a hands free coffee run or remove it for a cute clutch for dinner with friends.

The clasp on the wrist strap will fit all Inkling Messy Bags and Tiny Pouches, or can be used as a key fob!

Wrist straps for your Inkling!

Why you’ll want one:

Quick and easy to attach or remove.

The lobster swivel clasp fits through the zipper tab on any Inkling Messy Bag or Tiny Pouch.

Team your Inklings up for ultimate organisation.

The wide strap makes it comfortable to wear your Messy Bag or Tiny Pouch on your wrist.

They’re all one of a kind so you can find the perfect strap to coordinate – or clash if that’s your preference!


The Inkling Wrist Straps have been designed to work with Inkling Tiny Pouches and Messy Bags. They will not fit the zipper tab of Inkling wallets.

Wrist straps are 2 cm wide and have a 17.5 cm opening for your hand.

The full length is 23 cm.


Former primary school teacher and mother of two.

Can usually be found looking over her shoulder trying to work out who is in charge... Continually shocked to realise it’s her.  She’s the head Inkling, the boss of all the things, she’s the painter of the canvases, the maker of the bags, and all of the Inkling things!

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