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JOURNEY OF SOMETHING- Floral Tumbling Tower Game

JOURNEY OF SOMETHING- Floral Tumbling Tower Game

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We have taken the classic tumbling tower game Jenga that you all know, and love and made it fabulous!

Everything in life can be improved with floral prints. There's no need to pack your game away, it's too pretty for the cupboard. 

How to play: Take turns removing one block at a time. After you remove a block, place it on the top level. Use only one hand but don't be the one to let the tower tumble! The last player to successfully remove a block and place it on the top level without crashing the tower is the winner. 


  • 48 Wooden Tumbling Blocks 



    Journey of Something was started by two friends, Lauren & Nicola. 
    It is run by a small team in Melbourne, Australia. 

    Get Your Game On. Make Your Space Beautiful. Slow Your Mind.

    Form. Function. Fun.

    These are the things we take into consideration for each product.

    We love all things design and we love puzzles and games. Journey of Something is the meeting of these passions.

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