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MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Animal Planters- Gold Zebra

MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Animal Planters- Gold Zebra

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Hand painted Animals or Dino Planters... also known as Plantosauruses and Plantimals!

Made using kids toys, we cut the hole in the back (it's very hard rubber, hurts the hands!), then we paint them in funky colours, each takes a minimum if 3 coats to get that funky colour!  Then they are varnished to protect them, and help keep that paint on the plastic surface, it also makes them easy to keep clean!

Being rubber, they can easily take real soil & plants, and can be watered, just dry any excess water from the painted surfaces as soon as possible.  Alternatively they are perfect for air plants, and artificial plants too!  You can be creative with them, they look fun no matter what you do!

They make great quirky gifts, and because of their size, they can fit into smaller or narrow spaces, like bookshelves, windowsills, and ledges!  We personally think they look great on a desk to brighten up a boring workplace, or a kitchen window with some herbs in them!

All one of a kind, we never paint them the same colours, they will add interest to your home or office, and also make a perfect presents, for guys or girls, big or little people! They are also unbreakable & lightweight, so perfect for posting!

Dimensions:  Approx 9.5cm wide x 14.5cm high, & 18 long

***Price includes 1 small artificial Succulent, so it's ready to go!

*Please note, because the paint is on a rubber/plastic surface, with normal wear & tear, over time, the paint may scratch or chip. 



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