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MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Medium Pom Pom Basket - Brights

MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Medium Pom Pom Basket - Brights

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Hand painted baskets, with various Pom Pom trims, made by Kirsty Whoopee. 

Each one is completely unique, and cannot be reproduced! Hours of work go into these babies! Perfect for putting plants in, for toy baskets in nurseries, and kids rooms, or of course, for craft materials!  Or as decorations, just as they are, they look fab on a shelf or a corner table, and will add a splash of fun, colour & quirkiness to any room! 

While each basket does vary slightly, they are approximately 25 cm tall x 30 cm across at their widest points.

SPECIAL POSTAGE REQUIRED: Please note this may cost more to post than is automatically generated by the website. If this is the case, we will get in touch to discuss options with you!

***Please note, this is a moveable surface, depending how you use the basket, over time, paint can begin to chip, the more movement, the more this can happen, it is an unstoppable process.  If the basket is more for ornamental purposes, this will take longer to happen.



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