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MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Tall Candle Holder- Pink, Blue & Yellow Abstract Floral

MAKIN' WHOOPEE - Tall Candle Holder- Pink, Blue & Yellow Abstract Floral

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Add some colour and fun to your home, or give as gift for all sorts of occasions! Fully functional vases, hand painted by Kirsty Whoopee. 

Each one is completely unique, and cannot be reproduced! Hours of work go into these babies! Perfect for putting fresh or dried flowers, these vases are water safe, so can be used as a traditional vase, or of course as decorative items just as they are!  They look fab on a table, windowsill, a bookshelf or anywhere you like, and will add a splash of fun, colour & quirkiness to any room! 

While each basket does vary slightly, they are approximately 15 cm tall x 14 cm across at their widest point.


*This is a handpainted item, it should be treated with care, paint can chip or lift if knocked, but it is well sealed, so if treated well will, it last for many years!

* For longevity, don't submerge in water, the inside is water safe, the outside is more deilcate, rinse the inside with warm soapy water, clean the outside with a damp cloth.


      Whoopee Made means fun stuff things made especially for Makin' Whoopee by Kirsty Whoope, they will all be one off's and may never be repeated! If you see something you love, we'd recommend you snap it up, because it will most likely never come back again!

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