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Kakadu Plum Co.

KAKADU PLUM CO- Olive Oil with Lemon Myrtle- 250ml

KAKADU PLUM CO- Olive Oil with Lemon Myrtle- 250ml

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100% Australian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Lemon Myrtle.

Kakadu Plum Co.’s Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon Myrtle has a lovely lemon finish delicious to drizzle on all salads and vegetables as well as fish and chicken.  Perfect to accompany artisan bread. Great also for adding a subtle lemon flavour when baking.  Perfect for marinade.

Low to medium heat cooking, Pure Australian goodness According to the Olive Wellness Institute, consumption of extra virgin olive oil can: * Reduce Blood Pressure * Significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke as well as cognitive impairment and dementia * Decrease cholesterol * Exert beneficial effects on markers of inflammation and endothelial function, helping our joints Olive Oil and Health > It has also been demonstrated that olive oil plays an important role in the immune system. 


100% Australian Olive Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil


Embracing Traditional Australian Bush Foods & Ingredients

We are not an Indigenous business. We partner and collaborate with enterprises (many that are Indigenous) that share our vision in celebrating and showcasing Indigenous products and bush foods. Kakadu Plum Co exists as a vessel to celebrate Indigenous culture everyday through food, broadening the exposure of traditional Australian bush foods and ingredients. We are not an Aboriginal owned business. We work directly with Traditional Owners and Indigenous Australians who wild harvest many of our foods, including Kakadu Plum and our bush tea range.

The communities and individuals we work with set the price for the foods grown on their land and we pay them directly. We believe that the more we can foster and help engage Indigenous Australians forage and engage in traditional practice and help them grow their bush food business on country, the more impact we make.

Spreading Indigenous Flavors Globally

Our bush food products provide a valuable way for the broader Australian (and the world) community to connect with 'the oldest foods on earth' and our traditional native ingredients.

We work collaboratively with every grower, gallery and Indigenous business we are connected with. We work together that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. We are proud to maintain the strong relationships we have developed and bring their products into the homes of Australians and the world.

Inspiration Behind Kakadu Plum Co.

"I started Kakadu Plum Co. because I saw too many Australians opting for international superfoods for their health. I connected with country and community and knew I had to share this incredible fruit - the Kakadu Plum. I was driven about sharing this incredible product and story and highlighting the amazing foods that have been growing on this land for thousands of years. To be connected to Traditional Owners and communities is an incredible honor."

- Tahlia Mandie, Founder and Director

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