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PROJECT TEN - "Produce Bags"- Set of 5 Recycled Mesh Bags

PROJECT TEN - "Produce Bags"- Set of 5 Recycled Mesh Bags

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Recycled Mesh Produce Bags

Made from RPET (Recycled Plastic drink bottles)

Each bag holds up to 2kg of produce and only weighs 20g

Fruit and Vegetables can breathe in the bag (unlike single use plastic)

You can see through the mesh which allows shop assistants to see the produce

Washable, you can wash your produce in the bag and wash the bag on cool cycle if needed

Bag size 40cm x 35cm

Drawstring closure with toggles

Pack of 5


Project Ten bags are now made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s their way of saving plastic from landfill and turning it into something beautiful and reusable.  
Project Ten launched in 2012 to encourage the use of reusable bags. This year, after 18 months of development, the Recycled Range takes the idea further by removing single use plastic bottles from landfill. The bottles are made into fibres which are then woven into fabric. As an extra bonus, this process is also considerably more energy efficient.



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