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Shanna Trees Creations

Shanna Trees Creations- White Cockatoo Large Sticker

Shanna Trees Creations- White Cockatoo Large Sticker

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High quality larger sized Vinyl stickers a from a super talented local artist!  Created from her original Watercolour Paintings. This one features an iconic Red Tailed Black Cockatoo Feather. 

This Sticker is 15cm x 5cm

About the Artist Shanna

I am passionate about creating patterns and art that evokes a love of nature and magick, as well as highlighting more environmentally friendly fashion and lifestyle choices. 
My patterns features on a range of Australian eco-baby brands, to help encourage people to switch to reusable products through beautiful art.
I also license to a number of beautiful Australian fabric shops, with a focus on slow fashion and handmade creations.
If you are here to shop, you will find a range of goods in my designs for sale in the shop drop down.

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