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Stray Leaves

Stray Leaves- Plantable Bilby Recycled Paper Card

Stray Leaves- Plantable Bilby Recycled Paper Card

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Paper with a difference! 100% Recycled Handmade Paper containing seeds of Brachycome iberidfolia (swan river daisy) Once your card has been read, the receiver can plant it and be constantly reminded of you when they see their lovely flowers!
Read It- Plant It - Watch It Grow!
Printed on handmade recycled card stock in Australia Blank inside for your own unique message! A6 Card when folded (105 x 148mm) Comes with a 110 x 160 mm recycled brown envelope.
Planting Instructions - Soak card in water until soft. Place card on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover with more mix, water and ensure paper stays moist. Germination should take 7 - 21 days in warm soil conditions.
**These cards can ONLY be sent in Australia. Due to the seeds they can not be sent overseas.
** Note for WA customers or sending to WA: there are Quarantine restrictions and/or fees for sending Seeded Paper to Western Australia. Please be aware that Fees may apply if you get these cards sent to WA.

• Made in Australia


I am working hard to make my shop and art as environmental as possible.

-This cards is printed on 300gsm recycled card stock. This stock is 100% post consumer recycled.

-The envelopes are 100% recycled paper envelopes made in Australia from 100% post-consumer waste paper.

Please recycle and compost this packaging where you can so we can all reduce our footprint ☺

Hello, I’m Bridget, the illustrator and creator behind Stray Leaves.

 Creating art makes me a better person. I adore making fun, bright and happy illustrations that bring people joy! Nothing makes me happier than seeing people smile from my work.

 The name Stray Leaves originates from my family home in Bundanoon NSW. With a large number of trees in the backyard, and a short walk to the national park, my childhood was full of outdoor adventures and nature appreciation. This is a huge inspiration for my work and sparked my love for native Australian flora and fauna.

 Now based in the Central coast NSW, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful bushland and ocean that surrounds me.

 From this love sparked my passion for the environment and conservation of this beautiful world. I believe we can all do our part and our art doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why I choose to use recycled and responsibly sourced materials in all my work.

 When I’m not illustrating stationery and giftware, I am illustrating children’s books. Everything and everyone has a beautiful story that deserves to be told and I love being able to help bring them into the world.

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