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WILD BRASS- Adjustable Rings- Brass Primer

WILD BRASS- Adjustable Rings- Brass Primer

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"Discover the unexpected beauty of recycled bullets transformed into stunning handmade jewellery, crafted right here in Cairns. Each piece tells a story of transformation and renewal, echoing the dual worlds of law enforcement and artisanal creativity.

With meticulous attention to detail, the maker infuses every design with elegance, offering a distinctive jewellery style, with a touch of boho & sophistication. These are one-of-a-kind creations, where sustainability meets craftsmanship in every gleaming adornment.

Every piece undergoes a journey of transformation, from hand-cutting to precise filing and polishing, resulting in a stunning set of earrings that seamlessly blend strength with elegance.

Choose from our versatile range: opt for the raw, unadorned beauty of earrings with the primer intact, or elevate your style with Swarovski Crystals meticulously embedded in an array of captivating colours. Each earring boasts comfort and quality with surgical steel posts, ensuring both style and peace of mind. Embrace sustainability without compromising on sophistication with our distinctive handmade jewellery.

Disc on top of the ring is approximately 1.2cm in diameter.

PLEASE NOTE: The maker uses various different Calibres and brands of ammunition depending on what she has access to.  Due to earrings being made from recycled ammunition casings, some faces may have minor defects in the metal. The maker takes great care to make sure each pair of earrings are free from visible defects, however some small blemishes in the metal may be present, this is the joy and nature of handmade products.


Meet Emelia, a Cairns local whose passion for crafting unique treasures began with a simple idea: transforming discarded bullet casings into exquisite jewellery and homewares. Drawing inspiration from her roots and her career in law enforcement, Emelia saw beauty in what others deemed waste.

With dedication and creativity, she meticulously handcrafts each piece, infusing them with a blend of elegance and surprise. From earrings to homewares, every creation is a testament to Emelia's ingenuity and commitment to sustainability.

What started as a personal project has blossomed into a side business, with Emelia's products surprising customers far beyond Cairns. Join Emelia on her journey of turning overlooked materials into cherished treasures.


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