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Elements Chocolate Co

Elements Chocolate Co- Decadent White Chocolate with Vanilla

Elements Chocolate Co- Decadent White Chocolate with Vanilla

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Delicious small production chocolates featuring native Australian ingredients!

White chocolate with Australian Vanilla

40 Grams

TASTING NOTES: Vanilla Aromas with subtle floral notes folded into a smooth and creamy indulgent white chocolate

WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT IT: We believe a good white chocolate should have a full mouth flavour coating your tongue from the front to the back. The key is to offer balance between sweetness and creaminess and although a milder style of chocolate is still memorable by it's indulgent simplicity.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Cocoa Butter, Australian Full Cream Milk Powder (contains Soy Lecithin), Australian Cane Sugar, Vanilla

ALLERGEN ADVICE: Contains milk and may contain traces of nuts & soy


*** PLEASE NOTE:  If you order this product online, we cannot guarantee it's safety against the Far North Queensland temperatures! It may be melted upon arrival, and we can't be held responsible, it is beyond our control!

Despite thoroughly wrapping your order plastic free, shipping chocolate during the summer months in Western Australia may lead to "bloom" on your bars. Chocolate bloom happens when chocolate moves out of temper (melts slightly) usually in temperatures over 30C.


Founded in 2020 by sisters Penny McGrory & Hayley Clarke in a year of great change, Elements Chocolate Co was begun as a way of rebuilding hope and a sense of control in a year where there wasn't much of either to be had!

Never shying away from a challenge, we didn't want to do things by halves and decided we wanted to control every stage of the chocolate making process ourselves so we made the decision to become full bean to bar chocolate makers, one of only a handful in Western Australia where we are based.

Not happy with just being bean to bar, we really wanted a chocolate that also reflected the country we love and in which we were born, so we decided to combine high quality hand made chocolate with Australian Native bush foods and offer people flavours they had probably never tried before.

With a hugely supportive family helpfully willing to eat any 'failures' along the way we began the journey of immersing ourselves in to the world of chocolate making & Australian native bush foods.

Made somewhat easier with the prevalence of zoom conferencing and remote learning, 2020 turned out to be a really good year to learn online! 

From sourcing ethically produced & sustainably sourced beans & bush foods, to the actual mechanics of cracking, roasting, winnowing & grinding to make the chocolate itself, the journey hasn't been without it's setbacks & has at times felt impossible (tempering anyone?), but as Tony Robbins once said "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin!"

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