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HELLO SUNSHINE FNQ - Preserved Flower Posy- Tall Blues #3

HELLO SUNSHINE FNQ - Preserved Flower Posy- Tall Blues #3

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*Please Note, while we will pack them well, we cannot guarantee the safety of these products in the Post system, they are very fragile!  They will also be charged according to the size of the box needed, not their weight!

Preserved flower posies, with found feathers and bits & pieces, ready to go, long lasting gifts! Created with love and Sunshine by the lovely Kristy!

Each Posy is completely unique, but all approximately the same size, perfect for small to medium sized vases, but able to sit as they are amongst your treasures.  If kept away from wet/damp, these posies can last for up to a year, or more!

While each is different, as a rule they are always approximately 25-30cm tall.  

See image of them in a 15cm vase for reference.

*To post these, we will need to put them in a bigger box so we have room to fit them, and make sure they are packed well to get to you as safely as possible. This will effect the cost of postage.

*Please note, if you order fragile products, it is at your own risk.  While we will do all we can within our means to ensure they get to you safely, we cannot guarantee it.

All of these products are always available for local pickup.


This range is made with love in the Beresford's home!
We at Whoopee have SO much love & respect for this locally famous family!!!
Everything they put their hearts into turns to gold.
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