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PROJECT TEN - "The Upright"- "Palms" Mini Insulated Tote/ Lunch Bag

PROJECT TEN - "The Upright"- "Palms" Mini Insulated Tote/ Lunch Bag

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Insulated Lunch/Toiletries bag, lunchbox

Perfect for your packed lunch or use as a toiletries bag

10cm High x 30 cm wide x 18 cm depth

Recycled plastic RPET Outer with Insulated lining, wipe clean, matte outer finish

Zip Closure at the top

Sturdy soft handle


Project Ten bags are now made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s their way of saving plastic from landfill and turning it into something beautiful and reusable.  
Project Ten launched in 2012 to encourage the use of reusable bags. This year, after 18 months of development, the Recycled Range takes the idea further by removing single use plastic bottles from landfill. The bottles are made into fibres which are then woven into fabric. As an extra bonus, this process is also considerably more energy efficient.

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