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SISTA & CO. - BESPOKE HAND FANS - Brownyn David X Sista & Co. ‘Reflections’ Design- Black

SISTA & CO. - BESPOKE HAND FANS - Brownyn David X Sista & Co. ‘Reflections’ Design- Black

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This gorgeous vibrant design, 'Reflections' has been created by Bronwyn David, a very talented Australian artist.  

We absolutely love her work, and couldn't look past this very vibrant and fun 'Fantasia' design, so we hope you love it also. 

Detailed Product Information

Wood                      Black Painted Mahogany Wood
Fabric                     100% Silk
Size                         Mini 19cm, Medium 23cm 
Colour                     Various Colours
Packaging               Sista & Co. cylinder with microfiber pouch



Sista & Co. was founded in the Summer of 2017 by sisters Rory, Kelsie and their mother Jan. Inspired by their childhood memories of growing up in the Whitsundays, and travelling to countries with similar climates. Sista & Co. believed there was an opportunity to add colour and dimension to your fun-seeking adventure, by designing beautiful, fashionable and unique hand fans to complement your summer lifestyle.

Their patterns are uniquely designed by them, their fabrics are handpicked from the best materials, and to crown it all, they have sourced the most skillful craftsman in the whole of Bali to ethically produce high quality trendy hand fans, giving you that extra look of class, elegance and splendour this summer.

Their first collection of hand fans launched in the Spring of 2018. Brandishing specially designed and unique prints, inspired by their childhood experiences growing up in the lush terrains of the Whitsundays.



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