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SWAN GLASS - Twilight the Curlew

SWAN GLASS - Twilight the Curlew

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The prettiest (those eye lashes!), and the weirdest!  Curlews, the Banshees of the Bird world, we just love them, even though they keep us up all night!

Ready to hang, these pieces are approximately 29 x 17.5cm

About Swan Glass

Swan Glass is the passion of Glass Artist, Botanist, Bird Lover & Savannah Guide Sarah Swan.  Sarah lives in Paluma, which is in the hills between Ingham & Townsville in North Queensland, where she also runs a Bed & Breakfast.  Sarah loves creating beautiful things for beautiful people, and is inspired by the Australian Bush, landscape, and animals. She also loves crafting timeless treasures & heirloom pieces from stained glass, a skill honed over many years. These artworks will last for 100's of years and can be handed down through the family. Fill your life with light & colour.

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