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ZOE COLLINS ART - "YOU: Artful Self Discovery" ART KIT

ZOE COLLINS ART - "YOU: Artful Self Discovery" ART KIT

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KITBehold! An art kit for, and about... you!

This is a wonderful creative kit including a 40 page black and white guided journal for you to play with and make your own. Find out who you are, and what that means for your creativity. The kit comes with three paint pens from Life of Colour, a black fineliner from Lousy ink, a really cool pencil case to hold your new gear together — that you can customise with your new pens and three rolls of bright unpatterned washi tape. I don't know about you, but I love little bits and pieces in zipper pouches and I was that kid in school who was always noodling and doodling my way through the day...

About the book

The book is my love-letter to my own sensitive soul — it is a small but mighty book, jam packed with wit, wisdom and my particular type of imperfect drawings to help encourage you on your way. There's plenty of room for you to add your own style, colour, mess over the top. It's a way for you to bring out and reintroduce your nervous system to the real you. It's good for your soul, good for your mental health and really good warm up practise into some arty crafty goodness.

About the kit

Back in January 2022, a friend of mine (Rebecca from Portia & Co, in Maldon, Victoria) said a few words to me that fired up my imagination: what else have you got? She had been buying my earrings and brooches for a while and wanted to see if there were any other 'pretties'. My response was: oh, I really love putting art kits together for my friends... would you like that? In my head I was thinking it would be a little tiny cheap zine with some markers or watercolours. Nothing too adventurous... but then... I started writing, and this beautiful, gorgeous, heartfelt set of arty conversations and mini workshops ended up as this 40-page book that I have loved right from the word go — and I've had Rebecca there the whole way, guiding, encouraging and very patiently cheering me on.

The specifics

  • The book: A5, 40 pages, black and white, printed by Colour Chiefs, in Brisbane Australia (just around the corner from my studio!)
  • The black fineliner: one of these, from Lousy Ink, 0.5 size, everything recycled. Made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The paint pens: you get three of these — from Life of Colour, a woman-led, family-run enterprise from Sydney, Australia.
  • The pencil case: made of kraft paper, with some of my art on one side and loads of room to add your own messy fun! HINT: if you want to use colour, I'd suggest a base layer of white underneath to make sure that paint sits on top of the kraft paper, without getting sucked right in. But, maybe you like it muted! You do you, ok?
  • The Washi tape: plain, unpatterned, brightly coloured washi x 3, for you!
  • The box: printed in northern NSW, using all vege inks and boy do those colours pop! The box is reusable — very good for storing bits and pieces. Materials are proudly FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council), printed with water-based inks.


About Zoë

Hello! I was hoping you'd drop by!

I am an artist, designer and creative curiosity who goes weak at the knees over all kinds of visual delights. I have a penchant for beautifully bound journals and can't stop making my own artist books with my treasured long-arm stapler and all kinds of papery surfaces.

I love chocolate, wandering aimlessly through the kinds of food shops that are packed wall-to-wall with unfathomable ingredients to dishes I will never cook (though I'll have a crack at eating most things); and singing loudly in my car, imagining a life as a backing singer for some kind of rad rock band in the 80s (but in reality, my range and tone are more reminiscent of a kids' watercolour set).

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and kids and a very bad cat called Monty. No really, he's a total bastard (scuse language).

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